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50+ Free and Premium Landing & Corporate Templates. Create well designed dashboard interfaces with our Admin Templates & Themes

Bootstrap 5
Regza Landing Template

Landing Page Template

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Bootstrap 5
Cryptorex - Multipurpose Crypto Landing Template

Crypto Multipurpose Landing Template

25 Sales $29 $19 34% OFF
Bootstrap 5
Kucra Bootstrap Template

Bootstrap 5 Landing Page Template

23 Sales $15 $12 20% OFF
Rixso React Template

React Js Landing Page Template

18 Sales $19 $12 37% OFF
Jobvia Job Listing Template

React Js Job Listing & Job Board Template

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Bootstrap 5
Rixso Bootstrap 5 Landing

Bootstrap 5 Landing Page Template

17 Sales $15 $9 40% OFF
Bootstrap 5
Xegal Landing Template

Bootstrap 5 Landing Page Template

16 Sales $15 $9 40% OFF
Bootstrap 5
Zoise Bootstrap 5 Landing

Bootstrap 5 Landing Page Template

16 Sales $15 $9 40% OFF
Kucra Flask Landing

Responsive Flask Landing Page Template

12 Sales $24 $15 38% OFF
Zoise Django Landing

Responsive Django Landing Page Template

12 Sales $22 $12 45% OFF

Free & Premium Bootstrap 5 Admin & Dashboard Templates

A dashboard is well organized graphical presentation of the information for the business in real-time. Basically, a set of pages, which gives you reports, real-time data, status and gives you control over them.

Dashboard Template is a bundle of ready to use, highly creative and functional pages which eradicate the pain of Web Developers & Designers to create web app from scratch. You can call it Admin Template as well.

Pichforest’s dashboard templates are flexible, customizable, and responsive, helping you create stunning web applications with clean minimalist dashboards, themes, and panels for your project. Our templates use intuitive dashboard design interfaces that help users understand data at a glance.

Jumpstart with Pichforest’s Admin Dashboard Templates & Themes.

Our admin dashboard template can help you speed up your workflow. Each admin template has been carefully vetted by our UX designers for ease of use so that you can create simplified user journeys and appealing interfaces without investing too much design efforts.

We make sure that our admin panel templates pass the test of time by conducting A/B testing and usability testing with focus groups of different demographic sets. We test hundreds of design variants and only few with the simplest user journeys make the final cut. There’s no information overload, plenty of visuals, buttons and actions colour coded according to behavioural insights, so that it’s an intuitive and frictionless experience. This means that our templates don’t just look good aesthetically but perform excellently.

We have dashboard templates available in different frameworks / libraries like Bootstrap, Angular, Vue JS and React.